Equity-Based Research and Training Services

The Transformative Justice in Education Center (TJE) and the Office of Research and Policy for Equity (Dr. Vajra Watson) have won a competitive grant to conduct a multi-year evaluation on community-engagement and health and educational outcomes for Black children and youth in Sacramento:

The Office of Research and Policy for Equity is conducting a multi-year qualitative research project on the statewide Umoja Community Foundation currently at 54 community colleges in California:

Various professional development trainings on educational equity and racial justice for P-20 leaders and practitioners:

Sample: Towards Racial Equity in Education

Far too often, academic preparation programs focus exclusively on the “codes of power” that help students access and navigate the college process (Delpit, 1995). While understanding the rules of the game is part of the solution, we must also prepare students to be culturally empowered. In this training, we will focus on breaking the cycle of social reproduction and underachievement by creating programs that rely upon rituals of resistance and a social justice praxis. Supporting young people as the authors of their own lives and agents of change fosters college-readiness, career-focus, community-responsibility, and a critical consciousness.  

Interactive Workshops and Keynote Topics:

  • Equity Starts with Autobiography
  • From Micro-aggressions to Micro-affirmations
  • Who will heal the healers?
  • Mic Check: Race, Place, and Power within and Beyond the Ivory Tower
  • Scholar Activism: the more you know, the more you owe
  • Gangstas, Gunshots, and Grades: Community-based solutions to the urban educational crisis
  • white supremacy and me: race/ism and the quest for justice
  • Life as Primary Text: The Art, Science, and Soul of Transformative Classrooms
  • The Black Sonrise: addressing and eliminating institutionalized racism inside a large urban school district
  • Learning to Liberate: tools for transformation
  • Youth Empowerment: Moving marginalized youth into the center of city-wide reforms
  • #equitywarriors #transformschools: Seeding Solutions to School Improvement

Sample Lecture: UC Davis College of Letters and Science Brown Bag with Dr. Vajra Watson