Dr. Vajra M. Watson


Research Areas: urban education, sociology of education, critical pedagogy, critical race theory, social justice youth development, portraiture.

Fields of Specialization: As a campus administrator and scholar, my work focuses on access, equity, and diversity. I support social justice as a daily practice inside classrooms (micro-level) as well as at the institutional level (macro-structural). I purposefully aim to disrupt and dismantle narratives of underachievement and inequality by uncovering how to make school systems (P-20) socially just, democratic sanctuaries of revitalization and community empowerment.

Dr. Vajra M. Watson is the Director of Research and Policy for Equity at UC Davis. She seeks innovative ways to align people and systems that advance social justice. As a scholar-activist, Dr. Watson examines both the perils and promises of education and the potential of innovative community school partnerships. 

In 2008, Watson founded Sacramento Area Youth Speaks (SAYS), a social justice movement that breaks the barriers of underachievement by elevating the voices of students as the authors of their own lives and agents of change. In this capacity, she designed an award-winning training program that pairs community-based poet-mentor educators and teachers together to develop grassroots pedagogies that reclaim and reimagine schooling (says.ucdavis.edu). 

In addition, Watson serves on a number of Board of Directors, including United Playaz in San Francisco (Board President), the National Urban Education and Teacher Unionism Policy Project, NCTE’s National Assembly for Expanded Perspectives on Learning, and Fathers and Families of San Joaquin in Stockton, CA. 

Watson is the author of two books, Learning to Liberate: Community-Based Solutions to the Crisis in Urban Education (Routledge, 2012) and Transformative Schooling: Towards Racial Equity in Education (Routledge, 2018), and has published dozens of peer-reviewed journal articles and chapters. She is the recipient of the UC Davis Early Career Award, Sacramento’s 40 Under 40 Leadership Award, the Chancellor’s Soaring to New Heights Individual Achievement Award for Diversity, and the American Educational Research Association’s Social Impact Award as well as AERA’s Social Justice Leadership Award.

Watson received her B.A. from UC Berkeley and her Doctorate from the Graduate School of Education at Harvard University.


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